We generate Sales-Ready Leads to empower your sales team ! We scale revenue for
Robotics & Tech companies.

What We Do

Robotics & Business is a one-stop-shop for all Your Marketing, Product Development, and Business Support needs.

Decrease Time to Revenue – We dedicate an agile-account based white-label team to increase outbound growth supporting both your Sales & Marketing departments. Your dedicated SDR experts will support your pre-sales journey filling  current pipelines with quality leads.

Our team focus in the connected areas of Automation, Industrial/Collaborative Robotics, Light-weight Robots, Industry 4.0 Manufacturing, AGVs, and Software/(AI) solutions.

Our Clients


We are helping startups to establish themselves on
the market by creating sustainable business and
marketing processes around their products and solutions.

Medium-sized Companies

We support SMEs by optimizing their business processes, therefore aligning successfull communication with end-customers.

Large Enterprises

We help large companies become more efficient
with high-end business strategies and better marketing exposure resulting in consistent growth.


Sales Support Platform


Sales Support Platform

Build up your Sales channel network by classifying and understanding your distributor/system integrator. Analyze their focus industry, application, product portfolio, and much more.

  • Increase your Sales.
  • Nurture your partnerships.
  • Rank and track resellers.
  • Find your preferred distributor/S.
  • Get your product into the hands of more end-users.



Spread The Word

We support you with all marketing-related tasks. Whether you need help creating your marketing strategy, optimizing your digital presence, graphic and web design, online content – we have you covered.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Creation
  • Website Support

We are not your typical Lead Generation Agency

With the support of our team your salespeople only need to focus on closing deal.

Your Challenges

Empty Pipelines

Low quality leads

Endless time prospecting 

In-house BDRs can’t focus on closing deals

Our Solutions

Team ready to go
Market & Language Competencies
Faster ramp-up & streamlined processes
Solution based approach selling

End Customers

Business Intelligent Analysts (BIs) will identify ICPs, based on company size, demographics, revenue, industry, application opportunities, current installations, product portfolio, acquisition, etc.


BIs will identify ICPs, based on company size, demographics, revenue, application opportunities, current installations, product portfolio, acquisition, etc.

S.I & Distributors

It will be qualified based on size, infrastructure, current covered brands, past installations, applications, industry focus. Our team can score current Partners to understand the reason why there are no sales.

Our Partners

We make the best partnerships to help your business Grow Efficiently.

About The Team

We have created a smooth and efficienty process workflows focusing on results. Our workflow methodology can not only save time when creating and approaching business opportunities, but can also guarantee small companies the free time to create a market need or filling an existing gap. Our purpose is to help next-generation technology companies to fulfill existing and new market needs.

Our Team Includes

“Interested in how robotics and smart engineering can be an advantage for today and the future of society, a defender on the benefits around automation, and always curious to be involved in new technologies that shape the world we live in.”

Renata Barros, MD at R&B

SDRs Experts

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BI Specialists

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Web Developers

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Graphic Designers

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Content Writers

Our Mission

Our mission is to help innovative technology companies thrive, 
through our results-driven mindset.

At the end of the day, what matters the most are the results we bring to our clients.”



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